Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Baby Slippers

Our little guy really needed some slippers, so I whipped up Stardust Shoes' adorable cloth shoe pattern. It's so easy! I made a couple of modifications -- I didn't use interfacing because I didn't think it would matter. For a six-month-old, they don't have to be too sturdy or too warm. I used a soft flannel for the sole and tried using very small seam allowances, which worked very well. You can put this together in about an hour, less if you don't have interruptions while you try to watch The Office. I decided not to sew on a button because our guy already can get his foot in his mouth and, well, I just don't need to worry about him choking! I already worry I'm going to drop him, or he'll roll off the bed, or whatever. So, no buttons. Embroidery would be cute, though. Maybe my next pair.

In other news, it's Heart Health Month, so time to remind yourself to exercise and eat healthy. According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular diseases and stroke are the #1 causes of death in Minnesota. Nationally, heart diseases, stroke etc. are the #1 killer of women. I remember back in the day going to Jump Rope for Heart at my elementary school and loving it. Do they still do that, or is it all walk-a-thons now? Might I suggest a trampoline-a-thon? Now that sounds really fun.

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jensmith98 said...

I looooove the slippers. I'm going to have to try out that pattern.

I remember the jump rope-a-thons. Good times!!