Saturday, February 09, 2008

Man Pants

Yesterday was Baby Pumpkin's six month checkup at the doctor. He got weighed in the little "tub scale"(wherein pee pee was made in abundance) and measured and poked. As we suspected he's perfectly healthy minus a little excema; he's long and tall like his daddy (27th percentile for weight, but 68th for height).

Before his appointment, I worked from home. I had a conference call that I needed to listen to (not really participate in), and so I went upstairs and took the call while sewing him these cute little pants. Whereas at work when I listen to these things I'm "multitaskting" by reading email, sewing and listening proved to be much more productive. It was almost like having the radio on. I totally tuned in to both things. Awesome! I should work from home all the time!

I did use a pattern to make these, but if I make pants again I'm going it alone. The knee pad placement is obviously too high up (which you can't see from this picture), and the length was all wrong. I also feel like (my fault, not the patterns') these look a little girly. I think it's the trim I picked. Anyway, it's good enough. And a matching jacket is on the way. Likey?


Anonymous said...


I have excema too! Me and little baby Pumpkin.

jensmith98 said...

They are so cute! Way to multitask, too. That's what mama's need to do, right?

gibegi said...

How cute! I love the doggie fabric...

KristenMary said...

Those turned out so cute!! I'm obsessed with making little pants lately since I saw these great tutorials on people's blogs. You might really like them too.

This is pants from a T-shirt:

And this one is a regular pants tutorial: