Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gotta Get Some Green

Look what sprouted at my house this week! I forced some bulbs after watching Martha do it on On Demand and it worked. Usually I just do paperwhites, but these are some other thing (can't remember now, that's how great a gardener I am). I am dying to see if they have any flowers!

My sister claims to have these pushing up in her actual yard...out of doors. I really don't believe her, given that my own yard is only 90 miles from hers and is under a think blanket of snow right now. And my parents claim they saw a robin. I am just a bit skeptical. I think this long winter has gone to their heads. But there's nothing wrong with being an optimist, I guess!

I hope there's some signs of spring wherever you are. It's been a long winter!

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