Saturday, March 22, 2008

Poncho and Lefty

I just knit myself a poncho! It's a first for me. And, it's yellow, making it the third yellow thing I own. It's out of Holiday Knits, by Sara Lucas and Allison Isaacs. I wasn't sure if it was work appropriate, but upon some urging by a friend, I took a chance and it worked out great. Oddly, it spurred a conversation with a co-worker that led to the small world discovery that we both adore Crafty Planet, where I purchased the supplies for this poncho. Yay for small worlds!

Tomorrow is Easter, and we'll be snuggled up at home, listening to daddy spin tunes on Radio K. He likes to moonlight as a punk rock DJ, and I'm sure Baby Pumpkin and I can handle a few hours of rockin' out. We'll be baking some awesome Mocha Cheesecake Brownie Bars for when daddy gets home.

Anyway, back to the poncho. I really love this knitting book and the poncho was super easy and forgiving of my screw-ups. The pattern has this in a girl's size, too, so perhaps one of my nieces will wind up with the "daughter" version. Who knows. And more importantly, if I don't, what should I knit next?

And back to yellow. I'm still totally obsessed, and plan to continue adding yellow to my life. Am I the only one who has color obsessions? I think the last time I had one it was navy blue. Hm...


Anonymous said...

I had a blue / orange combo color obsession for awhile, and now It's aqua / red combo. You're not alone.

Granny said...

I remember when you were black obsessed.

jensmith98 said...

Love the poncho! Can't wait to see it.

I've always had a purple obsession. I've had a bit of a turquoise/brown thing lately, but I think it's subsided.