Monday, March 03, 2008

New Kicks

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I took Sonya's advice, and bought a clothing item that I loved and had to have right on the spot. Now, whenever I have a particularly boring outfit to put on, I can throw these on and not worry. These shoes could be worn with a potato sack and it wouldn't matter — they are that cool. I also got them at a heckuva discount, which is always fun. They are Camper brand, and they are called "Twins" presumably because they are the same, but slightly different...? I think they also made them in brown and red, but black goes with everything! Now that I started looking at the other Camper Twins on and some other sites, I want about 20 more pairs. Of course, shoe addicted, just like my husband always says (even though my true addiction is jackets and coats).

Mr. Pumpkin helped me put together some shoe racks from Ikea this weekend, so now all of my shoes even have a home. I was recently asked on a job interview what the interviewer would find if she opened my closet where I keep my shoes. I sheepishly had to admit it was a total mess. I had some in a nice hanging shoe rack, but the others were just willy-nilly at the bottom of my closet. Well, I ended up getting the job despite the fact that my shoe-life wasn't as organized as my work-life. Now I can proudly say they are both very organized. I start the new gig Friday, and I'm looking forward to sporting my new kicks!

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Anonymous said...

I love them! Awesome purchase!

What an odd interview question.