Sunday, March 02, 2008

My First Socks!

I did it! I knit a pair of socks! I gave them to my sister this weekend for her birthday. I have to say, they take a LONG time to make, but I stuck with it and they came out wearable! I have some of the yarn left over and I have to come up with another project for it. I got it from Aisha Celia, who has the yummiest yarn around. I think my attention span could hold out for a pair of kid-sized socks, so maybe I'll try to tackle that project next!

In unrelated news, my Baby Pumpkin learned how to scoot backwards on his tummy today. Look out world!


jensmith98 said...

Awesome job!! I'm sure your sis will love them. And after you've made a few pairs they go more quickly.

Anonymous said...

That baby pumpkin is a go getter, and getting cuter every day!