Friday, May 09, 2008

It's Garage Sale Season!

Wanna hear a crazy story about the time a fight broke out and we had to call the cops? No, it wasn't last night at the bar. It was at the garage sale my parents had a few years ago. Yes, folks, there was an actual fight over something at their garage sale. It was one of the most ridiculous moments ever.

Here's the scene: my parents collected antiques, but when they wanted to downsize they sold most of the good stuff at an auction. The leftovers were part of the Great Garage Sale of 2002. They put an ad in the paper about their sale, stating clearly in the ad that the sale started at 8 AM, no earlier (a person needs to get coffee into their system before the sales can begin, right?). Regardless, a gaggle of people, we'll call them garage sale enthusiasts had gathered LONG before 8 AM outside the closed garage door. Eventually, despite the milling crowd of gawkers, we needed to open the garage door and start moving a few tables of stuff out to the driveway. We asked the crowd (geez, you'd think we were selling half price Feraris or something!) to respectfully give them space to move things and that they could begin at 8 AM promptly.

At 8 AM, my parents said "go ahead" and the whole mob leapt forward, sending "antiques" crashing to the floor everywhere. These GROWN MEN were yelling and shoving over who knows what. Whatever they were after couldn't have been that great (we never did really discern what they were after). We had to call the cops to break it up, but luckily it had fizzled out before the nice lady cop showed up. All day long people were walking up saying "Hey, is this the garage sale where there was the FIGHT?!" Yes, folks, it was pathetic, but it sure provided us with a chuckle.

I'm so excited that it's garage sale season again. I found a great list of Twin Cities neighborhood and group garage sales that I plan to print out and pin on the fridge. I'm for sure going to check out the the Como neighborhood sale, which is next weekend. I've also heard great things about the sale in Linden Hills.

Any other neighborhood sales you'd recommend? Please share!


DK said...

Linden Hills, I would imagine, makes for good garage sales.

I laughed when I saw my hood (Mac-Groveland) in the city pages for best garage sales of the twin cities.

Granny said...

Hope some of your readers can find themselves to Madison WI on June 6&7 for our BAGS sale! Probably not.

When you get out and get going to the sales, don't forget my "Wish List" that I sent to you.

Anonymous said...

Awww! I miss going garage saleing with you!