Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Minnesota, Yah Yoo Betcha!

We say some funny things here in Minnasohdah. My favorite is the "auto" and "autumn" which becomes "ahdoh" and "ahdum" when pronounced by a Minnesotan. Others prefer the "boat" and "toast" regionalism, which becomes "booht" and "toohst" when spoken here. I might poke fun at my Minnesotan friends (do I count as a "Minnesotan" now that I've lived here over 10 years?), but I do have a small amount of Minnesota pride. Especially when it comes to surviving winter (we're tough), the cost of living (sh*t's cheap here) and our crafty scene (we're talented).

There is a great new site called Minnesota Materials that deals with all things made in this great state. They were nice enough to feature a couple of things I've made. They've also featured quite a few people I know. If you like the idea of "shopping local", I'd recommend checking it out. The author has a great round-up of Minnesota-made things, of which I particularly like her collection of information about bicycling and the nice gathering of letterpress and paper artists represented at Craftstravaganza.

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Recess said...

I must say that although I couldn't hack the weather and the bugs, all other things about Minneapolis were pretty fricking cool. I miss it from time to time - except for when I think about the mosquitoes.