Friday, May 16, 2008

Ribbons from Frisco

I recently *had* to spend a week in San Francisco, which under normal circumstances would have been welcomed. I wasn't too keen on it, though, since I had to leave on Mother's Day (my first) and be away from hubby and baby for so long. I tried to cheer myself up by spending one of my evenings at Britex Fabrics. If you go to San Francisco and you are a sewer, for SURE visit this place. It makes Mood in NYC look pale by comparison. It's four floors and one is just ribbons and buttons. Unlike Mood, it's very welcoming and the sales staff are ever-present but not hover-y; helpful and not snobby. A friendly saleslady helped me pick out these ribbons (a total of $45 worth!) and spent quite a bit of time with me, making suggestions and oggling right along with me. I had at least 4 compliments on my sweater while I was there. Overall, exactly what I would want in a fabric store experience. Oddly I didn't buy fabric, but all this ribbon. I guess with so much to choose from I had a bit of a tough time picking a few to come home with me.

I also had some great food while I was there, like Shrimp Chow Fun at a great Chinese place off Market St. and some delish Korean BBQ and potstickers at the food court at Westfield Mall on Market St. at a place called Sorabol's. My big food night out was at One Market right in front of the Ferry Building. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on my meal, but oh, it was so good. I had scallops and wine (lots of wine) and dessert and shrimp and ooooh I was so stuffed.

As you can see, I really suffered a lot while I was away. I jest. I seriously just wanted to come home. I was so restless that one night I walked from Chinatown to Japantown, which is about 2 miles uphill the whole way. It took me about 2 hours! But, I was able to burn off some of my energy AND buy some great Japanese tchotchkes. Yay! I came home, tired, missing my baby and a lot poorer. But I did have fun, despite myself!

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Recess said...

These days I am in SFO more than I would care to be but I still love it. And BRITEX? Oh mah gah.