Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Doll for My Son

I know, that sounds weird! Believe me, my husband was skeptical about a doll for a boy. But it's a doll that (in theory, although the execution is less than top notch) looks like him! Even with a tiny version of the bucket hat I made for him! I think the part that could have been most improved is the face (he looks a little bug-eyed) and the arms (they really stick straight out).

Anyhoo, I have a history of being a bad dollmaker, so I'm glad this one at least turned out passable. The last time I made a "rag doll" I was inspired by some show on African dolls. I thought it looked easy enough, but oh was I wrong. It was so hideous, it became the butt of many a family joke, and even enjoyed a brief stint as my parent's cat's toy. Now it sits on my parents mantel, yarn hair all askew, as a constant reminder of my poor dollmaking skills.

This time it wasn't African dolls that inspired me, it was the beautiful dolls of Wee Wonderfuls. Although my doll worked out okay, next time I'll definitely just buy the pattern for Olive and Archie, and go from there! It's a lot harder than it looks to make these things look like anything other than a freak of nature! So I'm glad I finished it, and in just about three nights. Yay! Now my little boy can go play with himself. Ahem. I mean the doll that looks like himself.

Besides a lot of dollmaking, the weekend was really busy with fun things to do, like visiting Schell's Brewery, going to a Deutsche Tag (German Fest) and hitting the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts. I also stepped in poop in my own house, got a pin stuck in my toe and had an incident involving my son (the real one, not the doll) standing in a pool of his own peepee. Oi vey, I need a vacation from my weekend! I hope yours was full of fun and happiness, too!


DK said...

I wish we could have run into you at the stone arch festival.

It was a good time. K8 found some earrings and I saw a bunch of stuff that made me pissed I forgot a camera.

Laura said...

yeah, I remember my husband shaking his head in disbelief when he bought my son the "Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz" barbie doll he was crying for. But all was fine when we got home, and my son IMMEDIATELY undressed her to see her boobs!!!!!!!!

And I am sooooo glad to know that other moms are stepping in pee and poop!!! It is a weekly happening over here.
now..go have some wine and take the night off....

Anonymous said...

Boys need dolls too, in my opinion.