Monday, June 30, 2008

Ten Things

Thank to my friend Miss McSmithley for reminding me about 10 great things I love right now. Here are mine!

1. My favorite (and one of the best in the nation, no doubt) craft stores, Crafty Planet, moved within walking distance.

2. Paid Time Off -- I'm taking Fridays off this summer and it's absolutely the most fabulous thing ever.

3. Secret No Coast Craft-o-rama web redesign planning meetings (we've hired a pro and it's looking amazing).

4. Gourmet magazine quick recipes, like this Orzo with Feta, Tomatoes and Dill recipe -- always easy, always delicious!

5. Spoonflower custom fabric design.

6. Jim Lupient Swimming Pool in Northeast Minneapolis -- Baby Pumpkin LOVES water more than anything, and this pool is tops (And cheap! It's only $5!).

7. To go to the pool, the awesome new swimsuit I ordered on Etsy!

8. Revoluzzza's adorable kitty dolls and more!

9. The new store I discovered in my hometown -- Fromagination where I can buy all my favorite stinky Wisconsin cheeses, like Limburger.

10. To go with my beer, I've been loving drinking this particular Lambic beer that is plum or prune flavored whose name escapes me; it's what I call EASY DRINKIN!

What are your top ten?


Laura said...

this looks like fun...if I dont have some fabulous vagina story to post tonight (c'mon, how many vagina stories can one girl tell!) I will do a "ten things" list for sure.

I am going to make the feta, tomato,salad for the 4th! sounds fantastic! (and that beer sounds good, too...put one on ice for me...we can be boozers and losers together!)

Recess said...

If I had read your post eariler then your crisp would have been on my top ten list. In its place is q-tips. I mean seriously...when you really NEED a q-tip for your ears is there any better feeling? Yay. Q-tips.