Monday, June 30, 2008

Latest Project: Prairie Girl Top

I just finished my THIRD Favorite Things Prairie Girl top and it's pretty cute. I chose Amy Butler's Wallflower Lotus fabric in Cherry. I tried it on and it fits pretty well, although the fabric doesn't drape as nicely as I'd like. I think it's really too heavy for this type of shirt, but it worked out okay anyway. I just love the color, so I had to pick it!

I also ordered some of my fabrics from Spoonflower and I'm so excited to get them! The one I'm most excited about is the fabric I'm making for my six-year-soon-to-be-seven year old niece. She's getting fabric with some of her own artwork, which I'm hoping to make into some cool twirly skirt or something for her birthday. That is if it arrives in time! There are just oodles of things I can think to do with custom designed fabric. Just can't stop my head from spinning!

In other news, baby Pumpkin FINALLY has a tooth coming in. Looks like he won't be toothless for life, like I suspected. Phew. And we are totally the luckiest parents in the world -- the tooth came without much to-do whatsovever. In fact, it's like a blessing because he just needs more cuddling than usual. I think I can manage that!


Laura said...

great fabric! Love the color!
And hey, thanks..I will be over with my laundry tomorrow!!!! Shall I bring coffee??

PumpkinGirl said...

Please bring coffee! I've got Bailey's!

KristenMary said...

Wonderful top!! And congratulations on baby pumpkin's first tooth. :-p

Jen said...

The top looks great. Bravo.

And bravo to lil pumpkin for pushing that tooth out.