Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not Just for Boys: Another Bucket Hat

I ran into someone recently who said, "I can tell by your Etsy shop that you just had a boy." I thought about that for a second, and then came to the conclusion that it was partly true. I have been making a lot of boy clothes and things primarily because I have a little boy. BUT, the fact that it's hard to find good handmade stuff for little boys (IMO) has driven me to make my own many times. And, once I'm making one, what the heck I may as well make 25, right?

But to avoid looking single-mindedly boyish, I made a hat for a girl. I have two nieces, so it's not like I'm totally unfamiliar with making things for girls. It's just that now I have a little guy at home who needs stuff like a hat to wear that isn't pink or sports-themed. He needs a tie to wear to a wedding. You know, cool stuff. Necessities.

Anyway, it's finally hot here. My upstairs is currently 89 degrees. I know this thanks to the Land's End or Eddie Bauer or some damn thermometer we got for Christmas. Thanks to that, I'm on the computer instead of upstairs sewing, which is what I had hoped to do tonight. Oh well, time to leisurely read my new issue of Gourmet and drool over all the food I don't have time to make!

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Anonymous said...

89! Love those dripping wet, blazing hot, and humid mid-west summers.