Monday, January 11, 2010

Before and After: Living Room

Our new house is half generic, half cool. Half beige, half...well, no, actually the whole thing is beige. But paint is an easy way to change the look of something, right? Or maybe "easy" isn't the best way to describe it, but less expensive than remodeling, I guess.

Hubby and I quickly set about using paint to make our new house more our own, and de-beige and de-wood it a little bit. Our first project was to paint the shelving that flanked the fireplace white (Beach Pearl, to be exact) so that the fireplace would stand out a bit more. Because the fireplace is one of the few "charactery" things about the new place (see, I invented a new word!).

It wasn't so much easy, as it took about four days of naptimes and bedtimes to get it done. But for fairly little money and a lot of elbow grease, it makes a big impact. Dontcha think?

Phew, we are cranking through the projects over here. No time for sewing or knitting when you have home improvement projects calling your name!


Blake Himsl Hunter said...

looks great!

Jen said...

The paint job makes a huge improvement and the skull above the fireplace really stands out. Nicely done.

KristenMary said...

That makes a huge difference! And the skull looks much better than the painting. Good job, thanks for sharing the photos!!

ellen Agren said...

looks good lady! keep the project pics coming!