Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Room, New Life

It's official! We're Wisconsin residents, again! I guess that means we're cheeseheads again, too! And we have been enjoying many a delicious cheese, too. Mmmm. It's been great coming back to the state both hubby and I started out in as wee ones ourselves. Already two nice neighbors have come bearing treats to welcome us to the neighborhood. Good vibes. Yes.

Our first moving objective once we arrives was to get our little guy acclimated to his new environment as quickly as possible. Leading up to the big event we prepped him quite a bit by talking about all the things that we'd do in our new house. We also took him to Sherwin Williams to pick out paint colors using those cool little fold-out brochures they have there. He chose Recycled Glass, which I thought was a nice choice. His auntie, nieces, me and he himself all pitched in to paint.

It's been a week and a half and already his room is completely done, all toys unpacked and most already played with at least once. It's so exciting! And wee one has only said a couple of times "I want to go home" -- which now is even waning. Thank goodness we're all settling in and crossing all the little to dos off the list. Slowly, life is returning to normal. I even made soup tonight from scratch (mostly). Seriously, it didn't come out of a box. Boy, are we progressing fast here!

More to come on all of our exciting new home developments. We've got new sites to explore, a yard to play in, and lots of fun home improvement projects as we turn this beige beauty into a place of our own. Stay tuned!

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Aww, so nice to see your little guy settling in. FAB choice of color for his walls too.

I was home in Illinois over the hoildays and had me some Wisconsin cheese - jack with morels and leeks, and white cheddar with cherries, and I swore right then I would travel to WI just to have cheese. The things you miss in the north woods...