Thursday, January 21, 2010

Before and After: Office

I'm not going to lie. I'm tired. I've painted waaaaaaaay to many rooms in the new house already. And I still have two more to go. The office, however, was the worst. It was "barbie tan" to start with, and the ceilings are really high and awkward. So, thank goodness it's over. And it's staying "Midwest Spring" blue for a long time. What really sucks is having to try to paint during naptimes and after 8 PM at night. Ugh. The dining table won't be staying there, so this will be a nice open room I can fill up with plants at some point. I am calling it my "botanical room."

Well, that's enough complaining. I can't complain at all about how it turned out. It's soooo much better than barbie tan. On to the next room! Next up is our bedroom. It's going to be "cocoa pecan" -- which actually looks a bit like poo. But not enough for me to stop, just enough for me to worry and wonder how the heck to decorate a poo-colored bedroom. Well, here's hoping I can do a heck of a lot with bed linens...which I can't afford! Bwaaaaaah! Guess I better go grab that paint brush and get to work!


Blake Himsl Hunter said...

looks great!!!!

ImplausibleYarn said...

I agree the new color is far superior to the old one! It will be interesting to see how this "pecan" color comes out.