Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Movember

What's Movember, you ask? Well, let the Movember Foundation About Movember page answer that in detail for you. In short, men and women around the globe are growing moustaches. For a good cause! Yes, you heard me -- growing moustaches for a higher purpose than just looking cool. I ask, "Are you growing that moustache to be an ironic hipster, or are you raising awareness of men's health issues?" If you're into Movember, it's the latter.

I have to say I LOVE this idea. I found that a blog I like to visit, Natural Papa, has been participating by creating a 'stache video every day this month. Then I found out that one of my coworkers is doning the 'stache, too. What better way to start a conversation than casually waltzing into the office sporting a moustache?

If you'd like to support these worthy causes, such as LIVESTRONG and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, click the link above and donate today.

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