Friday, November 05, 2010

Knit Tee Goodness

A sweater with short sleeves seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it? I mean, your body and shoulders are nice and snuggly, but what about your poor elbows? Your wrists? Well, I've discovered the joy of the knit t-shirt. And amazingly, discovered that I can complete a knitting project that takes more than one or two sittings. Eureka! I have an attention span, after all. My first sweater project was unfortunately completed before my friends from Yarnivores (my knitting gang) helped me figure out checking my gauge.

I knit this little wonder in anticipation of being without a massive 8-months-pregnant belly *someday* in the future. And whadda ya know, someday came! Of course the belly is not as flat as it was, say, 12 months ago, but it's darn fine to me. It's just one of those things moms deal with. Not that I've ever met a mom who isn't kind of bugged by it, but whatever. Babies are worth it.

After I spent agonizing months knitting this thing, wondering "Will I ever finish this?" I found another great short sleeve sweater that I want, the Leaf Tee Shirt (below). Go figure. Now I'll have not one but two short sleeve sweaters. Who knows, maybe I'll next knit myself a bikini, or some sunglasses. I'll have a whole summer wardrobe of knits. But really, I love the short sleeve sweater and I think it's perfect for Fall. I think you should knit one right away. Because they'd also be great for Spring, and someday maybe 9 months from now or so, Spring will come, too. Here are some other great options for the knit tee:

St. James Sweater (what I knit)
Leaf Tee Shirt
Embroidered Cap Sleeve Top
Drops Top
Wright Drape Top

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Jen said...

You did a phenomenal job on the sweater and have an enviable post-baby physique!

I love the other short sleeve patterns you found. My new tradition is knit short sleeve in the summer, long sleeve in winter. The short sleeves are great for wearing to work under blazers in the winter.