Friday, November 12, 2010

Say hello to our new friend FIRE!

Our house came with an ugly, non-working Franklin Stove and a woodburning fireplace that filled our basement with smoke. That simply was not working for me. I LOVE a good fire in the cold months, and we unfortunately lost several trees this year, so we have plenty of firewood.

Well today, thanks to a little help from my parents (love you mom, dad) we welcomed a new family member to our house - a remote-controlled gas fireplace for our basement. And we have a nice working wood fireplace upstairs now. Just in time, too, because I just heard it said that we can expect some of the white fluffy stuff around these parts next week. Ahh...

Now, for the weirdest part. When we crawled back behind the old stove, we discovered a treasure trove! Prophylactics and beer bottles! Oh the stories this house could apparently tell!

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Awesome! And I'm cracking up about your "treasure trove" tee hee. Well, at least your house has character, right?