Sunday, October 12, 2008

Caught the Halloween Decorating Bug

This weekend the bug hit me. I drove by a house in our neighborhood that was so ridiculously scary that I ran home and immediately started decorating. This house is totally hidden from view -- it's got two painted facades out front, with a graveyard and all kinds of creepy tubs of legs and arms and eyeballs and stuff all around the yard.

I started with setting up the mantle over our fireplace. I cut out a house shape from a food box I had laying around and spraypainted it black. Then I found this skull we had laying around and added that. Top that with a little cheesecloth and some glow-in-the-dark zombies someone gave Little Pumpkin and it was looking pretty scary. But it was perfect until I made this cheesecloth ghost from Martha's website and we found some skeleton lights to hang above it.

Today, after a trip to the pumpkin patch, the whole family got involved in decorating the yard. It's pretty scary. Not like the neighbors, but good enough for a first try. It didn't hurt that Mr. Pumpkin had boxes of scary heads and limbs in our basement. Most of it got used.

Then, the final piece that I'm excited about is my Skeletons and Spiders wreath. I took a styrofoam wreath and hot glued these skeleton lapel clips to it. The skeletons came in a 144 piece bag and I only used about half. In Mr. Pumpkins stash I also found eyeballs, fingers and spiders, so I glued a few of the spiders on for extra creepiness. I think it turned out fabulous. I like that it looks sort of benign until you walk up to the door. Then it hits you that it's bodies on top of bodies, topped with spiders. AWESOME!

Got any more suggestions for good Halloween crafts? I'm interested, and now motivated! After all, I AM Pumpkin Girl!!


Jen said...

So spooky! I love it all, especially the wreath. You'll be carving pumpkins, won't cha?

PumpkinGirl said...

Yep, I'll be carving pumpkins. The October Martha Stewart had this cool one with rats crawling in and out of my eye on that idea. Just need to find some rats!

Sonya said...

Yes! I love Halloween!!! That guy coming out of the ground is seriously frightening.

...and she lived... said...

cool! The head peeking around the corner is super creepy! I love it when people spray paint fake flowers black for a creepy centerpiece too!

Laura said...

OK, so I am very intrigued by Mr Pumpkins limbs and eyeballs collection.

My kids are SAD that we are not decorating this year, because our moving day is ON Halloween.

I was never a spooky decorator...I went with the autumnal theme (think pumpkins, corn, wheat, orange and black gingham ribbon, etc) but my daughter told me that "corn isn't scary. corn is stupid." So...we went scary.

Lots of webs...skulls tied to candle sticks with black candles, scary carved pumpkins. And giant bowl of candy corn, with a head or leg sticking out....

Happy Halloween!