Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The New Earflap Hat: ManFlap!

My husband has always wanted a matching outfit with our son. So, after I had perfected my earflap hat pattern he asked if I could make matching ones for he and Little Pumpkin. Sure, right? No problem!

I "eyeballed" the pattern and whadda ya know, it doesn't quite fit him. It's about an inch too small. Oh well, it's perfect for Elmer Fudd. Or, whomever is so lucky as to purchase it from my Etsy shop. Since I eyeballed it, I'm not really sure how to make another, bigger one. Guess I'll eat some carrots and eyeball it a little better with my fresh beta-carotened eyes or something. Maybe this time I'll actually make a pattern so the results can be reliably repeated. Genius!

I looked around Etsy to see who else was making flannel or fabric earflap hats and I really didn't see too many. I guess I should step up production or expand the line a bit. Maybe my next hat will be a ladies hat. Pink flannel, anyone? I think I can come up with a whole family of earplappers.

It's hard to believe we're already thinking winter...yikes. Well, we do live in Minnesota, after all.


Jen said...

I looooove it. Yes, please make a lady-flap. But I've got a big head, so that could be a problem.

Recess said...

Hmmm I might actually fit the man flap, but at this point in the year it is Sheila and Jen who are first in line for the prezzies and - well - Jen already said her head is too big. I think you are onto something here, though. Can't wait to see the pink ones!