Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lazy, Lazy Days in the Neighborhood

Little Pumpkin spotting an airplane

The bridge that didn't collapse

The fruits of my labor
Why does motivation go in fits and starts for me? One week I'm churning out 1000 baby hats and the next I'm glued to Project Runway and flipping through magazines? I can't explain it, but it's a pain in the ass. Last week I swear I could have out-Marthaed just about anyone and this week, I don't even want to get out of pajamas. Ah, well, I'm trying to coax back my energy with some long walks around our neighborhood, camera in hand and a fall bouquet for the table on my mind to inspire me just a little.

Today, after my walk and some prodding from Mr. Pumpkin, I did find a wee bit of inspiration to repaint this $10 table we found at a thrift store. It was part of a baby-proofing effort stemming from our need to replace the "babysmasher" of a coffee table we used to have. It was a slab of solid marble precariously perched on top of a rickety old base made out of plywood. Practically begged for a toddler to crawl underneath before it crushed them. The new $10 table has rounded corners, too, which is the perfect type of table to have with a kid just about to start walking. Anyway, when the paint dries I'll take a picture. Still haven't decided what color (of the many spare paint cans in the basement) I'll choose.

Whatchoo upto this weekend? Motivated, or not?


Granny said...

ok. so now I can cross worrying about the coffee table off my list of things to worry about! Down to only 1, 327 things left on the list!

Jen said...

I wasn't too motivated - watched Mad Men and knit socks. Can't wait to see the table.

Sonya said...

I have the same motivation issues. I guess sometimes we need a break.