Tuesday, October 07, 2008

If the Shoes Fits...

It's coming into fall here in the Midwest and my little Pumpkin is just starting to show signs that someday he might walk. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "You're not going to have to carry him to college" but I still long for this next milestone in his achievement. Mostly, it's my husband's longing so that he doesn't have to carry him anymore. But, I do think it will be a thrill to walk down the sidewalk holding his hand rather than pushing him in the stroller.

Recently he outgrew the gifted Robeez he had -- both the pair with the little fish and the pair that said "MOM" (my favorite). He also outgrew the pair he had that matched dad's Addidas soccer shoes...bummer! I went searching Etsy for some new leather-type shoes and found lots of great handmade and even recycled options. My criteria was that they had to be safe and non-skid, under $25, and also needed to have boy options.

Here are my favorites:
--Piddies shop (okay, kind of cheating since these are slippers, but they have mommy/toddler sets!!!)
--Chicksandeggs has some great monkey shoes!
--Softbabyshoes has some really cute penguin ones
--Plateauproducts has some fleece lined ones that look super cozy
--BellaTaylor has some absolutely adorable products all around, including shoes
--The winner was...StarryKnightDesign who makes recycled leather shoes with cars on them -- a must have for my kid who says 'vroom vroom' all day long!!

Now if price were no issue, I may have splurged for these ridiculously cool elf shoes by Randyandclaudia. For Halloween, anyway.

Got any more recommendations?

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