Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Future's So Bright

We watched a new president take office today, and it was so bright the little dude had to bust out the sunglasses. Actually, in reality the little dude was totally annoyed that I spent 15 minutes watching the replay on TV when I got home from work today, so he went through my purse and took off up the stairs. Perfect way to get mom's attention, right?

But wow, the inauguration was all anyone could talk about today. That and the continuing scary saga of the stock market. But I avoided it all by eating leftover quiche and sewing. Oh, and working. Unending conference calls don't allow for much quiet contemplation, and that's probably a good thing.

What happened in your world today? Are you ready for spring yet?


Laura said...

my world is sucky right now. too much to do no time to do it all..and never a moment to myself...except when I sit and read blog! now...breakfast time...wish these kids could cook their own eggs!

(my word verification is FASTER..perfect...just how I feel I need to do things..faster!)

Jen said...

We watched the inauguration as a family and celebrated by eating "inauguaration cookies" aka chocolate chip at 11 am.