Monday, January 05, 2009

Super G

I love giving and getting handmade stuff, don't you? I especially loved that Wee Pumpkin got a few handmade gifts this year, and not just from mama. He got this awesome Super G cape from our good friends in Iowa. I've seen a few of these on Etsy and thought they were so cute! Now the wee one can cruise around thinking he's the coolest superhero ever (which I'm pretty sure he is). He immediately went into our bathroom to check himself out in it.

His other new favorite tricks include writing on the couch with the crayons and going up to the oven and going "hah!" (translation: hot!) and retracting his hand in mock pain. I must have taught him that, right?

He does speak in sentences now, too. Pretty advanced for 17 months! Except that the sentences are "eh tata?" which, loosely translated, means "Where's that cool ceramic house that used to be on the mantle. You know, the one that lit up and had Santa coming out the chimney?" or more simply "Where's Santa?" Unfortunately many sentences are basically the same. "Eh dada?" is "Where's Dada?" and "Eh Papa?" is "Where's Grampy?" The only reason I even know it's a question is that his little hands go palm up and he shrugs his shoulders. It's pretty funny, but I guess you'd have to be there.

Anyway, I'll post more awesome handmade Christmas gifts as soon as I sort through all the photos!


Jen said...

Obviously I have no clue about the size of a 1 1/2 year old. At least he's got room to grow into his cape, right?

I'm glad he's using his super powers for good (like public safety announcements about the oven.)

Laura said...


Anonymous said...

Kids are so funny. I love seeing adult expressions boiled down to their essence. Too cute.

Cool cape Jen!

DK said...

The cape is AWESOME!!!