Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seeing Green

Don't know about you, but I've had about enough of winter. My skin itches. My hands are always cold. The snow isn't white anymore, it's gray. It matches the sky. Indoors is starting to feel like an ever-shrinking cage. What's left to do but start coaxing spring by bringing the gardening indoors.

Last weekend we went to our local garden shop and picked up a little "pick me up" that I think is working. It was really inspired by our wee one's desire to help water all of our plants. I showed him how to do this last week by putting just a bit of water into the watering can and setting the plant on the floor. He does a pretty good job of carrying the can all the way across the house from the sink to the pot on the floor, but at that point he pretty much ends up watering the floor. It could be worse, though. And it's only water.

The first purchase at the garden store was a microgreen planter and some arugula microgreens. Totally fun and totally edible. Yum! I'm hoping wee one gets a kick out of eating what we planted together. Currently he's getting a kick out of using the sprayer to water them each day. I just learned that you can also just throw microgreens in a mason jar with a cup of water and rubber band some cheesecloth on top. After 24 hours, pour out all the water and the little things grow (I guess!). If you try that method, please share results! I paid for the little grower but I'm sure there's a DIY method.

Then, we bought rosemary and basil to plant in pots. Tonight wee one "helped" me repot them. Strangely, he was afraid of the paper bag I tore up to put under the pots. It wasn't until I threw that away that he would come and water the plants. He also wanted nothing to do with the replanting, but that may have been due to the "paper bag monster" that crinkled and made weird noises.

It's looking so green around here, now! If only it wasn't going to be a good three months before we see any green OUTside. Boo hoo!


DK said...

I've been going through the Seeds Of Change catalog that we got in the mail last week all giddy about what I'm going to plant this spring. I've even been thinking about putting a small grow light up in our unused fireplace and start up seeds in there.

DK said...

Ok I can't seem to find your email now. could you email me so when I figure out a possible date, we can invite you over for dinner some time?

PumpkinGirl said...

Dinner!? SWEET! We'll bring the microgreens!

Jen said...

Tiny green things are the best! Happy growing.