Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh Snap! It's a Cold Snap!

Like much of the Midwest, we've been freezing our asses off for the last week. I woke up Tuesday and the indoor thermometer was at a cool 66 degrees. But it was the outside temperature that made me curse my chosen homeland even more. 17 degrees below is uninhabitable to me. Like, bring on the polar bears, this might as well be Anchorage, for crissakes.

But, what do Minnesotans like more than hotdishes, pierogies and their smug assertion that they're Minnesota Nice? Complaining about the cold! It must be our state passtime. I heard someone say at work on Tuesday "The high today was -4, and we're damn proud of it!" That about sums it up.

Anyway, when we're cold, we think of weird things to do to entertain ourselves, like crank the heat and put on our shorts and dance around. Or, build a pillow fort in the living room. Or, make clothespin dolls that look like Brittany Spears. Really. After our trip to the local indoor waterpark it was the perfect way to mellow out.

My nieces made some really great ones, and wanted to list them on Etsy. They've been sitting there for a couple weeks, so if you know anyone that might have a spare couple of bucks, these two girls would be thrilled to death. You can think of it as your charitable act for 2009. Cross it off the list and you can be greedy the whole rest of the year. Just take a look at Betsy Winterfresh and Turtle, wouldja? The girls even made up little stories to go with them. Precious!

What are you doing to keep busy?


Laura said...

me? busy? nothing but free time over here!

Jen said...

Clothespin honeys with backstory ~ that is too darn cute.

We're freezing our patooties off and eating mexican chocolate rice pudding. Mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

That's too cold. I can't even think about it.