Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Heart Day

I had a lovely little date with my boys on Valentine's Day. We picked up pizza and frosted our valentines cookies. I gave the wee one a bath and let him play extra long. The highlight of wee one's day was when we spotted a helicopter outside our window. Oh, the joy and excitement! Hubby and I did what we usually do -- played on the internet, watched some TV, made fun of a couple on HGTV and went to bed by 10:30.

Today we all ended up at the Mall of America by accident. Wee one wore his new "Kid Banz" that we got him at Pacifier (and which he loves and mama loves, too, because they actually stay on). The wee one was enthralled by all the roller coasters inside the mall. He kept pointing and saying "choo choo!" He could hardly be torn away, and had absolutely no interest in Lego Land. It was all about the choo choo.

Ah, the domesticated life. Did you do anything fun? Sounds like some lucky souls have the day off tomorrow. Not this poor sap. I'm back to the office again, jiggedy jig.


Jen said...

Little Pumpkin looks like he's ready for a hot date. What a cool dude!

Blake Himsl Hunter said...

...I love to make fun of the couples on HGTV!....Saturday is too far away and I can't if we did anything fun (I got the oil changed, does that count as romantic?)

Laura said...

I need to get to that mall!