Thursday, February 12, 2009

Newly Most Coveted: Tammis Keefe Textiles

Ever since my mom, sister and I opened our vintage shop on Etsy, I've been crazed. You'd think I'd want to be selling, selling, selling. But, no. I want to be finding, shopping, collecting! It's terrible! My mo discovered this great textile designer named Tammis Keefe who I'd never heard of, but is my new favorite. There's even a Flickr group dedicated to photos of her hankies and tablecloths and things.

Current favorites:
Home is Where the Heart Is
Japanese Design
The Circus
High Street
Whimsical Insects


Granny said...

Whew! I feel better now. I thought maybe I was the only one that has become obsessed with our new shop! Well, I always did love antiquing so I welcome the excuse to start in again. Going to an Antique Mall today, in fact!


Jen said...

I am just going to ignore those links you posted or I may find myself sucked into another blackhole! Too much temptation!

For being one of my favorite bloggers, I've nominated you for an award - stop by and check it out:

KristenMary said...

Antiquing is addictive!!!