Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Starbucks Wreath -- for Spring!

It might be a bit of wishful thinking putting out a spring wreath just a day after we got four inches of snow, and when the temp outside is just hovering around 16 degrees, but it felt good. It felt hopeful and cheery and optimistic about the fact that winter has worn out it's welcome. We're ready for the crocus to bloom and the sun to warm the grass into greeness.

I stole this idea from my friend at McSmithleyville who made this gorgeous wreath, apparently a spin-off of something Starbucks had over the holidays. I didn't have time to make a Christmas wreath (and in fact I have an old standby white button wreath I use each year), so I made this one to grace the door and usher in the Spring.

We had a busy, birthday bonanza weekend and I'm still reviewing all the photos. I am now officially wiped. Did you have a relaxing weekend? I hope so!

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Jen said...

Fantastic! I think I smell spring in the air!!