Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life with Babes

My sister went back to work this year after 7 years of stay-at-home-mommyhood. She had a hard time interviewing because people kept asking her stuff like "tell me about a time recently when you've had to...use technology to yaddayaddayadda..." I think she felt kinda stuck with referring to a time when she had to carry a screaming toddler out of a grocery store to avoid a complete and total scene, or explain how the birds and the bees work, or whatever. I mean, totally relevant work experience for some jobs, but not so much for others. In the end, she took a job as an assistant at the school her kids go to. She said that at least with that job she felt like she could apply the vast amount of knowledge she'd gained in her most recent 7-year career.

I read this great article that made me think of my sis, and also of my hubby who someday will have to go back to work. As much as a potential employer may not have ever experienced stay-at-home parenting, or parenting at all for that matter, these are what I thought were some effective ways to describe the skills it takes to be a parent. It's true for me that I've never been as good at time management as I am today. Luckily I've never been a perfectionist, so I don't have to worry to much about that. But prioritization, yep, had to learn it.

What about you other parents? What skills are/have you learned?

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Jen said...

Thanks for sharing the article. I think about these issues too and worry about getting too far removed from my profession. One thing that I worry about is falling behind with my technology skills. Can I use that as my excuse to blog and facebook?