Friday, February 27, 2009

Firsts: Snowman

This winter has been full of firsts for our wee one: first steps, first trip sledding, first real "words" and now, first snowman! We've had plenty of snow this year, but this week we had the first "wet" snow that really makes snowman construction easy. So we made some snowballs (Pumpkin can say ball now) and grabbed a few sticks for the arms and a pine cone for the nose and some charcoal for the eyes.

Even though we worked pretty quickly, wee Pumpkin was in tears by the time the camera made it on scene. He definitely prefers the solid, uneven ground of the sidewalk to the snowy backyard. We're working on making him a bit more outdoorsy. The problem is that he loves being outside, but he often just stands there, afraid to move. Ah, well...someday (we hope) there may be an end to the snow and cold. Right now it seems endless, but I still have hope.

What's the weather like near you? Ready for daylight saving time in a few weeks? I am!


Pin and Paper said...

I love the sticks for the hair!

Laura said...

love the hair!