Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vacation Planning: Kid-Free Adventures!

Oh, it's been a long time coming. After 19 months of non-stop, action-packed parenting, I'm ready for a break! Not just an 8-hour break spent in my cubicle, or a quick trip out to dinner with a babysitter at home (of which there have been only a few), but a real, true, grown up overnight drinking eating leisurely dinner out spending time in stores with breakables having adult conversation and relaxed cups of coffee vacation! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO am I thankful we have a set of grandparents within driving distance to give us a much-needed respite. And I can't forget our friend Jeff, who is doggy-sitting. No barking! For several days! Ah, the finer things in life...

I feel like this is it. It's my one chance to really live it up, maybe for a long time. I know it's silly, that really I could do this more often if I wanted, but it's still got me all wound up about making the very most of every second of the trip. Where will we stay? Where will we eat? What shops must I visit? And really, I MUST get that new flash for the camera before I leave so that all the photos are just right (Photos of cows! Millenium Park! Photos of food! So many photos!) . Now, you'd think I was headed to Hawaii, or the Bahamas or somewhere exotic. But, we're just going to Milwaukee. Seriously, Chicago is as far as we'll get. And we've been there literally about 10,000 times. But this time is different. Much more important.

I've already done tons of research. I found it particularly difficult to find information about unique and unusual lodging and dining. I thought I'd compile my list of lodging options here and solicit feedback. Any other ideas where we should definitely stay or go or see? I'd love to know your must not miss southern Wisconsin or Illinois hot spots! Maybe another day I'll post the ever-increasing list of must-eats and get your feedback, too!

Milwaukee Hotels:
Hotel Metro
Knickerbocker on the Lake
Iron Horse Hotel
County Clare Inn and Pub

Chicago Hotels:
Monastery of the Holy Cross (stay with monks!)
James Hotel
Inn of Chicago
Indigo Hotel

In my searches, I also found some really cool Frank Lloyd Wright lodgings in and around Wisconsin. Check these out!
Whistling Swan Inn (Door County)
Seth Peterson Cottage (up north, Wisconsin)
Muirhead Farmhouse (Illinois)

Where else is fun to stay?


Blake Himsl Hunter said...


this is what I want to see when Kristen and I make it to Chicago (next year maybe)

PumpkinGirl said...

Oh, yeah, I'd love to check out Farnsworth. Too bad it's two hours from Chicago (traffic!).

Jen said...

You deserve it - have a great vacay!!

Laura said...

Come to L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!! warm weather! Beaches! ANd you can hang out with all of MY kids!!! Now THAT would be a fun vacation, dontcha think??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna said...

Iron Horse is amazing, stayed there a month ago, can't wait to go back! i don't think i've ever experienced a better customer service in my life