Monday, March 30, 2009

Dress-up: the Perk of Parenting

Before we had kids we read this hilarious Onion article about these young hipsters who had a baby for the sole purpose of dressing the child up in cool outfits. Oh, we laughed. Then we had Little Pumpkin. Now it's all clear. Being crafty is an added affliction, as the cool outfits should of course all be handmade. Luckily, my attention deficit issue means I never spend too much time on any one thing, including making clothes for the boy. Here and there I whip something up and that seems to appease my need to be a young hipster craftster parent with an unflinchingly cool fabric store within walking distance.

Last time I stopped by said fabric store I picked up every single thing they had that had any form of cars, trucks, diggers, dumpers or airplanes on it. These "surfer dude shorts with pocket for your matchbox car" are the first in a series of things I plan to make featuring the wee ones most beloved things in life. And, whadda ya know, they make him look like the dress up doll of an urban hipster. Awesome! As an added bonus, I should make Mr. Pumpkin a matching pair.

I'm on the hunt for some new boy's sewing patterns. I'd like some summer clothing and I mostly see pretty basic stuff. Anyone sew up this Oliver + S sailboat top or pants pattern (above)? I think it's cute but I've never used this brand of pattern. Any other recommendations? I could use some new inspiration.


KristenMary said...

That fabric is so awesome! Did you get it at Crafty Planet? It almost looks like a Spoonflower print.

Jen said...

I'll have to check the onion archives for that article!

Wish I had a cool fabric store nearby. Those pants are the bomb!