Friday, March 27, 2009

Please Spring, Spring Already!

We've had a couple of warmish days and man, is it torturous when it goes back to 35 degrees like it has this week. This photo was taken last weekend when it was 55 degrees and sunny. Oh, where, where did you go sun? Anyway, it's all good because we'll just stay inside and make risotto and play with our dumptrucks, right? Right!

Don't forget -- tomorrow we celebrate Earth Hour at 8:30 PM local time. It's just an hour, but symbolically it is really meaningful. My giant skyscraper office building is getting in on the action, so I figure I can, too. We usually light some candles and enjoy one lo-fi hour of relaxation. Pretty nice.

Happy Friday!


Jen said...

Thanks for the earth hour reminder!

I love little pumpkin's pants - I bet mama made 'em!

KristenMary said...

OMG, no kidding!! I took Ronan to the park this weekend and when we got there all of the playground equip. was in ice about 5 inches thick. And not the kind of ice you can walk on, this was half water, half jagged ice chunks! Ronan was too cold and screamed until I brought him home. It sucked! I just wanted it to be spring so badly. :-(