Saturday, March 28, 2009

Craft Room Re-Do: 1 Year Anniversary!

It's been almost exactly a year since I revamped my craft space by removing the "guest room" and taking it over fully for crafting. It's a really small space, but pretty ideally situated with it's own door and window. Without a closet it's really not good for any other purpose...really!

Reflecting back, it was such a good move. I get SO much use out of the space. My only two complaints are that I have too much stuff and I end up piling it up because there are no closets and my fabric storage is woefully small. So what you see here if slightly cleaned up to make it appear as though I'm a much neater person than I really am. And notice how one wall of the room is missing from the photographs. That's the wall with the huge pile of ties waiting to become tiesies and the hugs bin of sweaters waiting for some felted purpose. It's also where my sewing machine sits, on a table piled with projects waiting to be sewn up.

If you'd like to share your crafty space, drop me a comment and let's figure out how we can feature you on my blog. It's such a guilty pleasure to see how everyone organizes their crafts! And I could stand to get some organization pointers, so let's share!

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Oona said...

It looks great! I especially like your chair. (I do love most chairs, admittingly, but yours looks so comfortable!) Lovely!!!