Monday, March 16, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

Mr. Pumpkin and I had it planned perfectly: a trip to Milwaukee and Chicago sans toddler. We anticipated three full days of catching up on reading, being lazy, eating leisurely dinners without need of carset, booster seat, highchair or stroller. It was going to be great. We researched, we made reservations, and then, got horribly, horribly sick. So sick that after 1 day of travel, Mr. Pumpkin dropped me at my parent's house (who were taking care of wee Pumpkin) to recover and he drove all the way back home (5 hours) to see a doctor. Today, I finally made it in to see the doc and I've got a sinus infection to add to his double ear infection. We're a sad, pathetic lot!

Strangely, I wasn't really surprised, and the weekend wasn't a total disaster. We had breakfast with our friends at our favorite Madison joint, Monty's Blue Plate Diner. We did make it to Milwaukee for one night out with our friends. We visited Fischberger's Variety Store and the Paper Boat Boutique.

For dinner, we chose Cafe Centraal and Mr. Pumpkin even had some beer (can you tell he's really sick in this photo??) The food was great, but my inability to talk made it a slightly awkward dinner. That night, exhausted yet hopeful that it was "just a cold" and that with a little rest we could tough it out, we fell into our beds at the lovely County Clare Inn.

In the morning, after a sleepless night, we realized we had to head home. We stopped first at Hotch-a-do for some breakfast, and although pretty slow, the food was good. My latte was great! As we sat and discussed plans gone awry and what we needed to do next, this truck pulled up outside with a sign that made me laugh out loud: Who gets sick when it's convenient? So true. Who does get sick when it's convenient?

Afterwards, we headed into the little market in Beans and Barley to pick up some tea and what-nots. I love that place. I also love that they have an Art-o-mat!

Despite the colds and earaches and all, we still managed to have fun. I witnessed several signs of spring, including the first 50-degree temps of the new year, a robin sighting and going outside without my coat! We're going to try a mini-trip again in April. Wish us luck!


Jen said...

Darn, I was hoping your healthy breakfast at Monty's healed you!

Our trip wasn't quite as catastrophic, but little guy was teething, constipated and had trouble sleeping. So much for best laid plans...

Next year lets plan a mini getaway sans bebes together!

Laura said...

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That pisses me off...why does that ALWAYS happen???

I understand this all too being sick AT THE OSCARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!