Saturday, January 19, 2008

Of Wine and Wallpaper

Sometimes you just need to reconnect with people. I mean, like leave the house, invite people over. Move beyond immediate family. Amazing that I have to remind myself of that, but I do. This month has been all about friends. So Friday night, two of my best girlfriends came over. We watched The Notebook, at Thai Somethingorother soup, and did our nails. It was fantastic. So simple, but so nice.

Today, the whole clan visited our friends who also have a wee one the same age as Baby Pumpkin. They tried to taste each other's hands and we ate some yummy ice cream. The wallpaper I posted is in their bathroom and I seriously wanted to sneak in and steal it. It's so retro...what, like 70's? But it looks like it could be modern. I love the deep orange and golds. If only I could find it in fabric, I could make some pretty sweet curtains!

Now we're tucked inside because it's about 15 below zero outside. Yikes! If you're a schnauzer (and we have two of them) your little paws freeze in about 5 mintues in this weather.

Tomorrow, we're off to a little birthday party, being celebrated in what I think is probably one of the best possible ways -- with a waffle brunch. We're supposed to bring our favorite waffle topping, but I'm not sure what mine is. Whipped cream? Strawberries? Chocoloate sprinkles? Fried chicken? So many options!

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Anonymous said...

Waffles, nail polish, and wallpaper! An awesome couple of days!

Don't you have little puppy boots for the doggies?