Thursday, January 10, 2008


If someone is “yellow” they are a chicken, a scaredy cat, or, in the case of babies, they have jaundice. This disturbs me. Why? Because today I woke up with the most intense color fixation on yellow. Bright, sunshiny, fantastic, optimistic, vibrant yellow. Not butter yellow, not neon yellow, not egg yolk or jaundice yellow, but warm, happy yellow. I can’t really say why exactly, but my guess it has something to do with the long, gray, chilly Minnesota January that has worked its way into my bones. Yellow is the perfect foil to the cold monochromatic winter.

Today I spent a while looking for some great yellow clothes to buy, because of course I don’t own a stitch of anything yellow. I found some really great rain boots which obviously had to buy. I also found an extremely cute shirt by MoxieMadness on Etsy (pictured) which I might also have to snatch up. I hope I don’t go completely overboard and start looking like a clown. But on some level, looking like a clown is what I’m after. I need to liven things up around here, dangit!

Here are some of my favorite yellow things. I hope they brighten up your day!

Pale Yellow Earrings by ocbaby
Jumbo Tote with Yellow Handle by bonnabag
Yellow Cabled Mittens by morava
Sunny Yarn by knitmommy
Yellow and Gray Mary Jane Crocheted Hat by dahliasoleil

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jensmith98 said...

I think you MUST buy the t-shirt. It is so YOU. And I love the boots.

I've been wishing for these cute yellow flats: