Friday, January 04, 2008

Resolve to be Crafty and Good

One thing I would like to "resolve" to do this year is to apply craft to good causes. I've thought about working out a way for all of the vendors at No Coast Craft-o-rama to donate handmade items to families in need of holiday gifts. I've always wanted to attend Crafty Planet and the Rollergirl's Charity Knit Nights. But this year, I'm really hoping to do something. Maybe not something grand or world-changing, but something.

If you think you might want to do the same, I have compiled some interesting resources that bring together doing good and doing craft.

--Here's an academic cause -- a professor at Gustavus Adolfus teaching a course on the Geography of Knitting.
--Check out the website for a list of crafty causes
--Mother Bear Project, run by a woman in Minnesota
--MN Rollergirls Knit for Charity (next meeting is tomorrow, 1/5)
--Project Linus makes blankets for kids who are seriously ill or otherwise in need (all kinds, knit, crochet, whatever!)
--CareWear provides handmade items to hospitals
--Chemo Caps

What others are out there? Any recommendations or additions?

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