Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Christmas Quilt

Small Quilt (closeup)
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I know, it's July. Way over (or way early, depending on how you look at it!) Christmas. However, I wanted to share this easy and free form quilt I made my sister for Christmas. It isn't really big enough to be functional, so I guess it's a "mini art quilt" or something.

I wanted to make her something that represented their love of camping. I used the Sublime Stitching Campout pattern for the tent and moon, but I just free formed the words, and they turned out okay.

Doing any camping this summer yourself? We don't really do much, as I'm afraid of bugs and spiders. And I like a shower in the morning.

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Jen said...

Wow - that is awesome. I saw the larger picture on flickr. My handwriting is not good enough to allow free form stitching. I'm jealous.

We have camped just once in our back yard with the tent and Roy (in the pre-Paco era) and it wasn't fun. With one air mattress between us, noisy trains and the bright alley light, I'd rather sleep inside. Maybe one day we'll try it in the wild.