Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hometown Fun Times

Good girlfriends are such a precious commodity, aren't they? They tell you when the sunglasses are too big for your face, guide you gently back to the skirt you should have bought but passed up, and smile and nod when you ask if it's okay to just sit and watch your kid play on the floor for two consecutive hours.

Every year I take a girl's roadtrip back to my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin for their big mile-long sidewalk sale called Maxwell St. Days. It's always fun; we always spend and drink too much. This year we had a bit of a fiasco trying to find just the right bar, but settled with beers in my parent's basement. I guess we're getting old! But not too old to play MASH and that game with the little folded up paper "fortune teller" thing (pick a number, pick a color, pull up one corner of the paper and there's your fortune). Ah, good times. I'm really looking forward to my future life in a house with Johnny Depp...and many more travels with the girls!

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