Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In The Garden

This year I haven't spent much time in my garden, but I guess that's the beauty of perennials. I have lots of things blooming finally! However, I also have a few pesky pests that seem to be killing things off.

I have diagnosed Columbine Leafminers, but supposedly those aren't a real threat to the plant. Then, I have some weird little white spots on other plants that appear to be bugs inside the leaves of the plants. I noticed it on a tree in my neighbors yard and I think it could be Ash Plant Bug. These are definitely killing the plants, and we've already had to remove a big bush and some of my nice flowers because of it.

I wish I knew what I was doing in the garden! I'm sure it's something really common, but I have no ideas! Right now I'm just removing everything that has the spots in hopes that the buggers will not kill anything else! If you have similar questions, I would highly recomend the U of Minnesota's "What's Wrong With My Plant?" web site.

Anyway, here are some "happy stories" from my garden right now. What's growing in yours?

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