Monday, July 21, 2008


Have you ever stopped to marvel at all the things the internet has brought us? Remember when we used to furrow our collective brows and worry about how isolated we might become? "We wont ever leave the house!" "We'll forget how to interact with humans!" "Social retards!" "Pasty white, malnourished recluses!"

Here I am to tell you that none of that has happened. Al Gore did such a great thing when he created the internets, that now we all sit around in our pajamas telling complete strangers about our lives, our children, our cats, what we did last weekend and really connect with our new, extended group of friends -- our e-friends.

Know what else we do? We buy stuff online. We buy lots of stuff online. Whole Christmas shopping lists are completed at a PC in a home office or laptop at the local Java Joint.

I am a fan of both. Blogging and shopping. Today I'm actually blogging about something I created on my computer AND ordered online. To sell, perhaps in my online store?! A labrynthian tale of ecommerce, social media and more!

No, really. I got my fabric from Spoonflower on Friday and it kicks arse. The stuff I had made for my niece is so cool, despite the fact that I'm a design nincompoop and it's got weird black lines in it. I think she'll love it, because it's her doodles! In fabric! I also got a couple of swatches of some stuff I "designed" and even it is cool! Spoonflower, you're one of the reasons I love Al Gore, inventor of internets. You make me happy! I can't wait to order more!

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KristenMary said...

YAYAYAYAY! Those look awesome! I'm so excited for you. Can you bring one to the meeting on Monday so I can look but not touch? I hope *fingers crossed* that they pick me soon!