Thursday, July 17, 2008

Woody Woodgrain Baby Sunhat

I finally got my act together to make some hats via the Assembly Line Method. It seems so Industrial Era of me, but it is quite a bit more efficient to spend one night cutting and then a few nights sewing. Last night I was able to crank out two of these fantastic faux woodgrain hats! Woo hoo look at ma go!

Etsy is doing a promo this week (month?) of all handmade kids and baby stuff, so I'd like to get some things listed there for when the tidal wave of buyers comes rushing in (rolls eyes). There are so many AMAZING stores on Etsy for kid's stuff, I am fairly certain little ol' me isn't going to get that much added traffic. However, a girl can hope that one day she'll sell so many baby hats she can quit her day job and spend every day home with hubby and baby. Oh, in a dream world...

In other news, I'm off tomorrow for an entirely needed Girl's Weekend. We're going to be power shopping at the Madison Maxwell Street Days (which happens to take place not on Maxwell St. at all, but on State St.). Here's to sangria and mani-pedi's while the grandparents spoil the baby!


Laura said...

what time are we meeting for those mani/pedis?? Holy crap, I am so jealous! Sounds fantastic!!!!! But wait...if you go away, who the hell will read my blog???

thanks for all of your nice comments and good thought thrown my way....of course, I can't have things over here go TOO WEELL, because then, what would I write about!!!!?????????
have a great trip-:)

naomi said...

love the hats!!

When you are downtown, make sure to check out my friend Sachi's store, Anthology on State St.

She carries a lot of the same type of goodies I had at Glitter!

She is always looking for new artists too.