Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Cute Sunhat!

The first hat turned out so cute (and has apparently gotten many compliments already out and about!) that I made Baby Pumpkin another one. I still like the spaceman hat, but this one has a certain charm about it, too. When we go on our bikes he'll have to wear a helmet, of course, but he can wear this one out to the beach or zoo or in his stroller.

Mr. Pumpkin got me into bike riding a few years ago, and we now have a whole house full of bikes. I have a Rocky Mountain that I use for commuting and we each have vintage Dunelt bikes for cruising around on. Even our baby is all set with a brand new trailer! Needless to say we are all looking forward to some nice spring weather so we can get back outside. I've already taken the first ride to work, and boy was my behind sore! But it feels great being a bike commuter. And it's a great way to avoid the bus — so depressing sometimes, with everyone nodding off and jabbering on about their jobs.

Anyhoo, really looking forward to some biking weather! Roll up that pantleg, strap on the helmet and giddyup!


Jen said...

I love this fabric? Is it from crafty planet?

PumpkinGirl said...