Saturday, April 12, 2008

Vintage Button Barrettes

I have the pleasure of meeting and discovering so many local artists and crafty types through my work with planning the No Coast Craft-o-rama. One of these talented peeps is Lil Fish Studios. She does the most beautiful things with vintage buttons! I was so inspired by her work, that I ran up to my craft room and started working. She makes it look so effortless, but putting together those beautiful colors, shapes and textures is MUCH easier than it looks.

I whipped up a barrette to wear with what I have on today (brown t-shirt, red's Saturday!) and one to wear with whatever yellow might now be stocked in my wardrobe. I think they turned out okay. Hopefully the glue sticks!


Jen said...

Good job! You have a pretty big stockpile of buttons, don't you?

PumpkinGirl said...

Yup! I got lotsa buttons stocked up!