Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Twirly Skirt for a Birthday Girl

I have a couple of nieces, and one has a birthday coming up in May. She's the younger of two girls, and so she's worn her share of hand-me-downs. Our family is pretty religious about shopping at garage sales, too, so her hand-me-downs are thrifted garage sale wares to begin with. So sometimes I like to set her up with some fancy duds that are brand new, and all her own. When she was born I made her this totally sweet little outfit with a hat and bloomers, which was about 20 sizes too big so it, too, got worn by her older sister and maybe never fit her at the right season to be handed down to her.

This year, I made her the Twirly Skirt from the House on Hill Road tutorial. I think it turned out so cute. I used the fabric Sagebrush Sweethearts by Alexander Henry. The greatest thing about making a skirt that has a casing and ribbon at the top is that it could pretty much fit me, so it should last her a good long time. Now my challenge is to find a shirt and tights to go with it. Any suggestions? I'd like to purchase, not make (especially the tights...that's way beyond my skill level!).

There's another big birthday coming up in May -- my mom's! Any idea what to get for a Granny who has everything?!


Granny said...

I could use a facelift


Sonya said...

Give her a family vacation to Paris! Come on Pumpkins!

jensmith98 said...

Love the skirt. If she were my daughter I'd be wearing that skirt, too.