Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dinosaurs are cool

I was REALLY into dinosaurs when I was little. We had this program at our elementary school called "Gifted and Talented" and somehow I managed to slide into it under the radar. What it amounted to was our school counselor asking us what special subject we wanted to learn about. I picked dinosaurs as my special topic, and other than a trip to the local field museum, I'm not sure what came of that whole "research project".

When it came to picking out some more fabric for my bucket sunhats, I had an affinity for this great dinosaur print fabric. It's not cheesy, with big, goofy smiling dinosaurs, and it's not scary with gnarly-teethed, bloodsucking dinosaurs. It's just representational. I like it. And it's nice and sturdy so I figure these things will last a while. Probably longer than the kid can stand to leave the hat on his/her head before pulling it off and throwing it on the floor or eating it.

I also sold a pair of pants in my etsy shop and I got a picture today of the tyke modeling them. I'd say they look pretty spiffy on her! I like to please the little people...after all, I think they secretly control the world!

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Jen said...

Cool dino print. I think our new car seat has dinos on it.