Monday, April 28, 2008

Dressing Boys

Many mamas and papas probably agree, while there are TONS of really great clothes to buy for boys these days, there are multiple tons to buy for girls. I find that especially true for buying handmade (or even finding patterns to make my own) things for boys. And I've heard it's even harder for older boys in the 5 - 11 age range. I did a little scouring of Etsy and thought I'd highlight some things I thought were particularly cute and reasonably priced. Take a look!

Boy's Stuff Holder Apron by FrayBabyBibsandMore
Baby Boy's Bubble Suit by MorganNichole
Lizard Boxers by bonghivestiti
Wild Side Two Piece Set MOOSES! Meece? by bonghivestiti
Baby Sweater by CreationsByDanielle
Denim Sunhat by JenSport
Boys Romper by maryelizabeths
Toast Onesie by ediblebaby
Monster Joe Tee by nissalisa
Life's a Beach Shorts and Shirt by ThePurplePecan
Sailor Shorts by Bluebirdbaby
Red and White Stripe Hansel Jacket by finleystudio
Mini Cooper Tee by Charlie and Sarah
Vintage Cowboy Shirt (pictured) by inchwormsfinebaby

Any other recommendations? I'd love to hear what people find out there!

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Jen said...

For boy or girl, I MUST have the mini cooper t!